Powergate 4

Perfect for engine enthusiasts who want to improve their vehicle’s performance with up to 4 different configurations.

Hardware cost from $560 + GST

Full customization whenever and wherever you want 

Customizing performance with a simple touch on your smartphone? It’s not science fiction; it’s Powergate: the innovative solution for improving your vehicle’s performance or reducing fuel consumption directly from your smartphone through the Powergate App for Android, iOS, and EMUI (Huawei).

Powergate allows you to work via OBD on a single vehicle chosen from a wide range of supported models, sharing the same protocols as KESS3, using both an internet connection for the Cloud and Bluetooth for communication with your smartphone. This advanced technology ensures smooth and secure communication between the device and the vehicle at all times.

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Alientech Powergate Application Phones

The Powergate App

The Powergate App is the application designed to use Powergate directly from your smartphone. It is extremely
intuitive and accessible on Google Play, App Store, and Huawei AppGallery.

Its main goal is to simplify the procedure for Users as much as possible, from initial registration to association with the tool, up to reprogramming.

After downloading the app, you are immediately introduced to the Powergate world. Just create a profile with your ALIEN_id to associate the tool with your smartphone and start a reprogramming session.

In addition to guided control of operations, the Powergate app also offers a dedicated User section where you can customize your settings, such as language or profile details. Additionally, remote support is always available, ensuring you never feel alone.



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Wi-Fi module

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Thanks to the status bar in the Powergate Dashboard, you have a real-time monitoring tool that provides an instant overview of ongoing activities and results. The bar represents six key states with intuitive icons, making it easy to monitor ongoing operations.

NEW: start of a session

DEVICE ASSIGNED: assignment of a device to Powergate

VEHICLE ASSIGNED: association of a vehicle with Powergate.

ACTIVE SESSION: The user or the system is working on data or operations.

ARCHIVED SESSION: session completed and results recorded.

ERROR: alert of problems during an operation.

Each session begins when a User selects a vehicle from the vehicle list. From this moment, Powergate establishes a connection, specific to the chosen vehicle, allowing operations such as identification, reading, and writing of the ECU and, if necessary, the TCU.

Becoming a Powergate Manager gets you to grow your business and enhance your Users’ passion for your tuning.

Alientech Powergate ECU programmer PowergateManagerDashboard

Dashboard: your cloud control panel.

The Dashboard is the control panel for your Powergate, created specifically for you. It is organized into sections, each with specific functionalities:

Sessions: here you can track the status and number of active, archived, or ongoing sessions on all your Powergate devices. This section provides a real-time snapshot of ongoing activities.

Tools: This section allows you to quickly and efficiently manage all your Powergate devices independently. Each Powergate is associated with a User profile.

Templates: in this section, you can customize the graphic appearance of the Powergate app for Users by creating a custom skin to make it truly yours.

User Profile: this is where you can upload User profiles and manage the list of associated vehicles, customizing or limiting it, if necessary, to a single vehicle.

Custom Skin.

Customizing the Powergate App skin offers you a powerful tool to establish a closer relationship with Users.

With your graphics and logo, you create a visual identity that will conquer the heart of your Users: your tuning is recognizable worldwide.

Creating your Powergate Manager identity allows you to stand out from the competition by building User loyalty so they can use your services again.

Powergate Cloud.

The Powergate Cloud is an essential component that simplifies your work. It allows you to create and manage an online database that is always accessible, containing all the details of the files you have modified and associated with the original files read by the user’s Powergate.

One of the great advantages of the Cloud is its storage capacity and the ability to minimize your effort. How does it work? The Cloud provides an online storage space where all the details of the modified files and associations with the original files are stored, allowing multiple users to share the same file, provided that the original file is already in the database. This means that different users can benefit from a single modification, allowing you to multiply your profits.

Eventually, if automatic file associations are active, the Cloud matches the modified files with the original files read or downloaded from the Alientech Database. This ensures that your User can receive the modified files on their Powergate without any intervention from you: a technological revolution that reduces time and facilitates your work.


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