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We have the best chip tuning tools and the most complete remapping software for programming and recalibrating your engine and transmission control unit. Alientech simplifies the elaborate recalibration of your ECU’s and TCU’s thanks to a continual drive for innovation and unique solutions, and with our expert knowledge, we are leading the way for chip tuning NZ-wide.

Serve your customer cutting-edge technology

Future-proof your automotive business with cutting-edge auto-tuning software – and access consistent, knowledgeable after-sales tech support. Our continually updated expansive vehicle database, exceptionally user-friendly interface, and dynamic tuning approach will help you serve your customer better.

We currently offer access to a database with 130,000 driver options, which is continually updated. Alongside this, we carefully curate our files, providing you with only the relevant information to save you valuable time. Additionally, for extra independence, the custom plugin Driver Maker also offers commercial and enterprise users – and expert hobbyists – the ability to create new drivers based on original files.

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KESS3 is the most advanced engineering achievement ever conceived in the chip tuning industry


View and tune the maps of any original engine and transmission control unit file calibrations autonomously.


Allows your customer to remap a vehicle’s ECU independently using the maps that you have preloaded.

Specialists and suppliers of high-quality ECU chip tuning software and hardware.

Alientech is consistently ahead of the game, constantly innovating and developing systems and solutions to read and alter ECU data and problematic emission systems. 

We are the official New Zealand supplier of the most contemporary ECU chip tuning software and hardware offerings on the market, so if you are ready to offer your customer proven ways to elevate and enhance vehicle performance, we can help. 

To access the full potential of your vehicle – or your customer’s vehicle – contact us now.